May 9th, 2008 No Comments

Business owners and managers have all kinds of advisors; from ad agencies, PR people and IT departments, to the kid next door who is the only one that can get the home printer working.  These people might be great at what they do, but they are all specialists with limited overlap.  Try asking your ad agency’s account exec how to configure IMAP on your cell phone so you can recieve her e-mails while on vacation.  And you probably wouldn’t let your computer guys write the copy for your Web site (would you?).

This blog (and our company for that matter) try to cover the intersection between marketing and technology.  We enjoy playing with new technology like Web enabled cell phones and online replacements for traditional desktop applications.  But the thing that really gets us excited is applying these advanced technologies to solving real-world business problems.  We will use this blog to toss out ideas now and then and hope that someone benefits from our experience.  Please post comments to let us know what you think and send in your own suggestions – Write to the bloggers

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